The Patient Safety Surveillance and Improvement Program (PSSIP), managed by the Healthcare Information and Analysis Programs (HIA) at the Utah Department of Health and Human Services, works to ensure that patient safety events (injuries, death or other adverse events) associated with healthcare delivery  are reported to the Department of Health and Human Services. The program also fosters conversations among healthcare providers on how to minimize adverse patient safety events in Utah.



Safe patients through collaborative event reporting and patient safety improvement solutions.


Improve patient safety through transparent and nationally-consistent standards for reporting adverse patient safety events, assessment of those events, exploration of best practices and use of quantitative and qualitative data to educate and promote statewide patient safety improvement solutions.


  • Public accountability and transparency through event reporting
  • Adherence to national standards of event-reporting
  • Healthcare facilities have processes in place to identify and report all reportable adverse events
  • Agreement on which patient safety events should be reported
  • Educated stakeholders and statewide patient safety improvement solutions based on quantitative and
    qualitative data from event reporting
  • Quarterly meetings with all healthcare systems represented

About HIA 

The mission of the Healthcare Information and Analysis programs (HIA) (created by and enacting the statutory responsibilities depicted in §26-33a) is to promote better health by collecting, analyzing and disseminating health data to increase access and quality, and to reduce the costs of healthcare.

The office is responsible for maintaining, managing, and analyzing the following data series:

  • Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS)
  • Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS)
  • Healthcare Facility Data (HFD)
  • All Payer Claims Data (APCD)
  • Patient Safety Surveillance and Improvement Program (PSSIP)