The Patient Safety Surveillance and Improvement program (PSSIP), exists to ensure that patient safety events (injuries, death or other adverse events) associated with healthcare delivery and administration of anesthesia are reported to the Utah Department of Health, to foster conversations on how to minimize adverse patient safety events in Utah. The administrative rules concerning patient safety include R429-1 (Patient Safety Surveillance and Improvement Program, PSSIP), R429-2 (Health Care Facility Patient Safety Program), and R414-1-28 (Provider-Preventable Conditions). Approximately 6 times per year, the Utah Department of Health’s Office of Health Care Statistics convenes the Patient Safety Workgroup. During these meetings, the team reports on current trends and research found regarding patient safety, invites guest speakers to come host chats about how to improve patient safety, and data are shared to report back on our patient safety dataset’s trends, which include aggregate results of the categories of events, contributing factors, and subsequent actions taken.

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